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Election Night 1988
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A brain-roasting
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Bob Hope
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1 p.m.:
A revolutionary hodgepodge from D.A. Pennebaker and Jean-Luc Godard.

80 Steps to Jonah:
Kindly fugitive Wayne Newton befriends blind kids in a hideously-wholesome dud.

The 8-Wheel Beast
[Il Bestione]
Giancarlo Giannini and Michel Constantin star in Sergio Corbucci's trucker road movie.

Accion Mutante:
Feature debut of director Alex de la Iglesia.

A bizarre French anthology.

Alabama's Ghost:
Low-budget horror craziness from director Fredric Hobbs.

Alexander the Great:
Starring William Shatner, Adam West and John Cassavetes.

All the King's Horses:
Christian anti-divorce diatribe starring Dee Wallace and Grant Goodeve.

All the Loving Couples:
'60s California swingers share a night of kinky self-discovery.

Alternative 3:
A British sci-fi-paranoia faux-documentary.

An American Dream:
Stuart Whitman stars in an overripe Norman Mailer adaptation.

The American Dreamer:
Early-'70s profile of a brain-fried Dennis Hopper.

Norman Alden stars as a mentally-challenged man exploring New York City.

Angel Number 9:
Director Roberta Findlay's gender-swap porno.

Animal Attraction:
Welcome to the Casa de Hee Haw!

Another Nice Mess:
Rich Little and Herb Voland star in Bob Einstein's flaccid White House comedy.

Another State of Mind:
The classic punk documentary with Social Distortion.

Hippie-era sexploitation about the sensual joys of marijuana!

The Apple:
Hilariously awful, sci-fi/disco fiasco, courtesy of Golan-Globus!

Arthur? Arthur!:
Donald Pleasence in a British comedy about milquetoasts, marriage and murder.

The Astrologer:
Craig Denney's hilariously incompetent, pseudo-autobiographical vanity project.

Bad Boy Bubby:
Rolf de Heer's brutal, demented drama.

Bad Girls Dormitory:
Director Tim Kincaid's babes-behind-bars cheapie.

The Ballad of Billie Blue:
A country-western musician struggles with sin, booze and a spiritual awakening.

The Beast of Budapest:
1956 Hungarian Uprising B-movie, featuring John Hoyt and Joe Turkel.

The Beat Generation:
Mamie Van Doren in producer Albert Zugsmith's '50s-youth-culture exposé.

The Bed Sitting Room:
Richard Lester's surreal, all-star, apocalyptic comedy.

Believe in Me:
Jacqueline Bisset and Michael Sarrazin in an amphetamine-addict romance.

The Believer's
Reverend Estus W. Pirkle thrills his congregation with chintzy Biblical tales amd lousy music.

Best Revenge:
Drug smuggling drama starring John Heard and Stephen McHattie.

Between Time And Timbuktu: A Space Fantasy:
William Hickey stars in Kurt Vonnegut Jr.'s PBS sci-fi.

The Big Cube:
Lana Turner freaks out on LSD in this wonderfully overwrought melodrama

B.J. Lang Presents [a.k.a. The Manipulator]:
A surreal psycho-concoction starring Mickey Rooney and Luana Anders.

Black and White Like Day and Night:
Wolfgang Peterson's German psychodrama starring Bruno Ganz.

Black Devil Doll From Hell:
Ugly, ventriloquest-dummy blaxploitation-horror cheapie.

Dennis Potter's notorious mini-series, starring Michael Gough and Gina Bellman.

Black Gunn:
It's Jim Brown versus the mob!

Blackjackets [Raggare!]:
Christina Schollin and Hans Wahlgren in a gritty look at Sweden's 1950s greaser subculture.

Black on White [a.k.a. Attraction] and L'Urlo [The Howl]:
A trippy, sexy double bill from director Tinto Brass.

John Marley pursues a vicious psychopath in Ernest Pintoff's NYC cop-thriller.

Blast of Silence:
Allen Baron's incredible blast of film noir nuttiness.

Blue Blood:
Oliver Reed, Derek Jacobi and Fiona Lewis star in a freaky British psycho-sexual drama.

Bonjour Monsieur Lewis:
The epic-length Jerry Lewis bio/tribute (no surprise, from France).

The Boy Who Drank Too Much and Stoned:
Anti-drug propaganda duet starring future-douchebag Scott Baio.

Yvette Mimieux in a disturbing, fact-based story of corporate conditioning.

Brother Theodore Speaks:
A filmed performance of Brother Theodore's deranged stage-show.

Bus Stop: "A Lion Walks Among Us":
Sociopathic hitchhiker Fabian on the prowl, directed by Robert Altman.

Bye Bye Monkey:
Directed by Marco Ferreri, and starring Gerard Depardieu.

Cage Without a Key:
Susan Dey ditches The Partridge Family for prison in this TV melodrama.

Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humpee and Find True Happiness?:
Sexy, self-important nonsense s tarring Anthony Newley.

With Marlon Brando, Richard Burton, Ringo Starr, and other equally embarrassed stars.

Catch My Soul:
Patrick McGoohan's cult rock-musical starring Richie Havens and Season Hubley.

Catch the Black Sunshine:
Regional runaway-slave drama from director-writer-star Chris Robinson.

The Challenge:
Darren McGavin, Sam Elliott and Mako in a sci-fi made-for-TV movie.

Change of Mind:
Raymond St. Jacques in a brain-transplant, race-relations melodrama.

The Charles Bukowski Tapes:
Epic documentary by Barbet Schroeder.

Charles Manson Superstar:
Nikolas Schreck's portrait of 'still crazy after all these years' Charlie.

Erotic nonsense from director Roger Vadim.

Drive-in outing starring Cher and produced by Sonny Bono.

Chesty Anderson, U.S. Navy:
Starring Shari Eubank, Rosanne Katon and Timothy Carey.

Clay Pigeon:
Burnt-out Vietnam vet Tom Stern is pulled into Telly Savalas' dicey drug-sting.

Combat Shock:
Buddy Giovinazzo's mindroasting vision of urban despair and mutant babies.

The Comeback Trail:
Chuck McCann and Buster Crabbe in Harry's Hurwitz's moviemaking comedy.

Coming Apart:
An outrageous arthouse psychodrama starring Rip Torn.

The Common Man [Dupont Lajoie]:
Jean Carmet and Isabelle Huppert in Yves Boisset's provocative Fremch drama.

The Companions of Baal:
A seven-part, French mini-series filled with Fantomas-style mystery and menace.

Convention Girls:
Joseph Adler's melancholy, drive-in era ensemble drama.

The Cool World:
Shirley Clarke's gritty, New York City street gang drama.

TV-movie starring the hemorrhage-inducing Barry Manilow.

Cover Me Babe:
Starring Robert Forster and Sam Waterston.

Cracking Up:
Matt Mitler directs and stars as an abrasive, self-destructive, NYC comedian.

Cracking Up:
Hit-and-miss '70s skit comedy with Harry Shearer and Michael McKean.

The Crazy Family:
Family dysfunction reaches surreal heights, directed by Sogo Ishii.

The Cross and the Switchblade:
Pushy country preacher Pat Boone brings Jesus to the New York City ghetto.

The Cross of Love [Rakkauden Risti]:
Regina Linnanheimo in Teuvo Tulio's deliriously overheated Finnish melodrama.

A Cry in the Night:
Teenage Natalie Wood is kidnapped by brutish deviant Raymond Burr.

The Cube:
Jim Henson's surreal, ahead-of-its-time TV-experiment.

Cyborg 2087:
Michael Rennie stars in a cut-rate, time-traveling sci-fi adventure.

Dad... Can I Borrow the Car?:
Disney's tripped-out vision of American car culture and the teenage driving experience.

Czech arthouse dementia directed by Vera Chytilova.

Danger: Diabolik:
Mario Bava's trippy, high camp caper, starring John Philip Law.

Dark Intruder:
A Lovecraftian tale starring Leslie Nielsen and Peter Mark Richman.

Special Screenplay Review!
The Day the Clown Cried:
Jerry Lewis' infamous WWII concentration camp misfire.

The Day the Fish Came Out:
A nuclear stinker starring Tom Courtenay and Candice Bergen.

Deadhead Miles:
Alan Arkin is a crosscountry trucker in this Terrence Malick-scripted misfire.

The Deadly Art of Survival:
Charlie Ahearn's Lower East Side martial arts craziness.

Death Game [a.k.a. The Seducers]:
Kinky psychodrama starring Sondra Locke, Colleen Camp and Seymour Cassel.

Death in Small Doses:
Peter Graves and Chuck Connors in a truckers-on-speed melodrama.

Leonard Nimoy in director Vic Morrow's Jean Genet adaptation.

Deep End:
Jane Asher stars in Jerzy Skolimowski's unsettling psychodrama.

Delinquent Schoolgirls:
Escaped sexial deviants invade a girls' school!

Demon Lover Diary:
A hilarious documentary about the making of a pathetic, low-budget horror film.

De Sade:
Keir Dullea stars as the kinky Marquis.

The Diadem and Mini-Killers:
Diana Rigg stars in a pair of unfathomably bizarre low-budget featurettes.

Diary of a Teenage Hitchhiker:
Charlene Tilton goes thumb-tripping in this made-for-TV cautionary tale.

Did You Hear the One About the Traveling Saleslady?:
Phyllis Diller and Bob Denver star in an excruciating period comedy.

Dionysus in 69:
Early Brian De Palma feature, with William Finley.

Dirty Little Billy:
Michael J. Pollard as Old West sociopath Billy the Kid.

Bernie Travis stars in this low-budget, semi-true story
of Lenny Bruce.

Dirty Weekend:
Michael Winner revenge thriller with Rufus Sewell and Lia Williams.

Door to Door Maniac:
Starring Johnny Cash as a Killer Psycho.

Dorothea's Revenge:
A young girl's bizarre exploration of deviant sexuality from director Peter Fleischman.

Down on Us [a.k.a. Beyond the Doors]:
The sinister 'truth' behind the deaths of Janis, Jimi and The Lizard King!

The Dream Makers:
James Franciscus stars in a record business rise-and-fall telefilm.

David Warner and Steve Antin take to the road in this inventive indie oddity.

Drive, He Said:
Bruce Dern and Karen Black in Jack Nicholson's directorial debut.

The Drug Knot:
Ridiculous anti-drug TV-diatribe featuring the insufferable David Toma.

Dusty and Sweets McGee:
Director Floyd Mutrux's '70s California drug classic.

Al Freeman, Jr. and Shirley Knight in Amiri Baraka's provocative play.

Eat It [Mangiala]:
Frank Wolff in Francesco Casaretti's outrageous look at food, sex, entertainment, and consumerism.

Ecstatic Stigmatic:
Underground gem starring Mirielle Cervenka.

The End of the Game:
Obscure Greek psychodrama.

Energy!!! The Movie:
Director Andreas Marfori's unreleased feature starring Timothy Leary.

E. Nick: A Legend in His Own Mind:
A cameo-packed comedy starring Don Calfa as a low-rent Hugh Hefner wannabe.

Entertainment Station:
An Egyptian musical-comedy.

The Ernie Game and Mahoney's Last Stand:
Alexis Kanner plays a pair of eccentric, anti-social misfits.

Evening Primrose:
Anthony Perkins sings in Stephen Sondheim's creepy musical.

Every Little Crook and Nanny:
A gangstar-comedy starring Victor Mature and Lynn Redgrave.

Everything's Ducky:
Mickey Rooney and Buddy Hackett in a talking-duck military-comedy.

Extreme Private Eros: Love Song 1974:
Director Kazuo Hara's emotionally scalding documentary.

The Failing of Raymond:
Made-for-TV movie starring Dean Stockwell as a nutjob with a grudge.

Fallen Angels:
Gregory Dark's gritty glimpse into the '80s adult-film business.

Fando and Lis:
Early feature from director Alejandro Jodorowsky.

A Fan's Notes:
Jerry Orbach in a botched adaptation of Frederick Exley's acclaimed novel.

Fantabulous Inc.:
Richard Harrison and Judi West in Sergio Spina's ultra-groovy superhero spoof.

Farewell Uncle Tom:
A slavery-era jaw-dropper from the makers of MONDO CANE!

Fast Company:
William Smith and Claudia Jennings in a racing drama by David Cronenberg.

Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid:
Classic Troma-nure.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas:
Hunter S. Thompson's drug-drenched road trip.

A violent, hard-boiled mystery from Germany -- starring animated cats!

The Female Response:
Director Tim Kincaid's groovy, exploitative celebration of feminine sexuality.

Fermate Il Mondo... Voglio Scendere!:
Surreal Italian comedy starring Lando Buzzanca and Barbara Steele.

Fever Heat:
Nick Adams stars in Russell S. Doughton, Jr.'s dirt-track-racing melodrama.

Figures in a Landscape:
Robert Shaw and Malcolm McDowell in a thriller by director Joseph Losey.

Exotic dancer Raquel Welch is stalked by murderous Luke Askew.

Mickey Rooney in Sid & Marty Krofft's prime-time musical-comedy-fantasy misfire.

For Pete's Sake!:
Robert Sampson and Pippa Scott star in Billy Graham's '60s Christploitation classic.

Forty Deuce:
Director Paul Morrissey's Times Square sleaze-fest, starring Kevin Bacon.

Mutant comedy masterpiece from Alex Winter & Tom Stern.

Free Grass:
Psychedelic exploitation starring Russ Tamblyn and Richard Beymer.

Fudoh: The New Generations:
Takashi Miike's twisted tale of school-kid assassins.

Peter Bonerz stars as a soul-searching comedian in John Korty's acclaimed feature.

American gangster Clu Gulager moves to Sweden
and quickly creates chaos.

Get High On Yourself and Shattered... If Your Kid's On Drugs:
A double-dose of '80s all-star, anti-drug propaganda.

Getting Over:
John Daniels attempts to break into the shady Los Angeles music business.

Get To Know Your Rabbit:
Early Brian De Palma comedy starring Tom Smothers and John Astin.

Glen and Randa:
Hippie-age sci-fi, directed by Joseph McBride.

Go Ask Alice:
William Shatner & Andy Griffith in the '70s teen-drug drama.

The Godmothers:
Mickey Rooney in William Grefe's wretched mobster-comedy.

Golden Balls [Huevos de Oro]:
Javier Bardem stars in Bigas Luna's steamy social satire.

The Gong Show Movie:
Bizarre spin-off of the hit TV-show, starring and directed by Chuck Barris.

Go To Hell!!:
A hilariously scathing animated Biblical/sci-fi/comedy from Australia.

Grandpa Chillie Challa [A Varázsló] and The Magic of the Kite:
A pair of fanciful children's oddities spanning Hungary, France and China.

Graveyard of Honor:
Kinji Fukasaku's explosive gangland epic.

The Gravy Train [a.k.a. The Dion Brothers]:
Starring Stacy Keach and Frederic Forrest.

John Spacely's rancid slice of NYC junkie life, courtesy of director Lech Kowalski.

Ground Zero:
Ron Casteel races to save
San Francisco from a low-budget nuclear threat.

Guess What We Learned in School Today?:
Director John G. Avildsen's early, satirical sex-comedy.

Brother Theodore and Terri Hall in a pornographic JAWS parody.

Larry Fessenden's East Village vampire gem.

Hallucination Generation:
Run for your lives!! The drug fiends are coming!!

Hangup [a.k.a. Super Dude]:
Bill Elliott and Marki Bey in Henry Hathaway's mix of drugs, cops, romance, and streetwise action.

Hard To Be a God:
Peter Fleischmann's epic, sci-fi/fantasy historical-adventure.

The Harem Bunch; or War and Piece:
A bizarre, Arab-Israeli softcore sex-comedy featuring Monica Gayle.

The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan's Island:
Gilligan, the Skipper, The Globetrotters, Martin Landau, basketball-playing robots, and plenty of pain.

The Harvest:
Offbeat thriller starring Miguel Ferrer and Leilani Sarelle.

My all-time cult favorite, co-written by Jack Nicholson and starring The Monkees!

He Restoreth My Soul:
Merrill Womach's teeth-grinding, 'inspirational' portrait.

Rod Browning and Robert Chapel in a hicksploitation action-comedy obscurity.

High School Narc:
1985 AfterSchool Special with Michael Knight, Nancy Travis, Greg Germann, and Viggo Mortensen.

Hit and Run [a.k.a. Revenge Squad]:
Paul Perri, Claudia Cron and Will Lee in Charles Braverman's NYC neo-noir.

The Hitchhikers:
Ferd & Beverly Sebastian drive-in drivel starring Misty Rowe.

A gritty portrait of modern-day Canadian motorcycle gangs.

Brenda Sykes stars in a groovy, interracial, drug-fueled love-story/road-movie.

Les Hordes:
French sci-fi mini-series embracing politics, crime, the media, plus one bad-ass cop.

Hot Tomorrows:
Victor Argo, Ray Sharkey and Herve Villechaize in Martin Brest's feature debut.

How Come Nobody's On Our Side?:
Starring Adam Roarke and Larry Bishop.

How Did You Get in? We Didn't See You Leave:
Jerry Lewis stars in this French-lensed disaster.

How To Succeed With Sex:
Director Bert I. Gordon's raunchy, misguided, X-rated sex-comedy.

Hughes and Harlow: Angels in Hell:
Director Larry Buchanan's laughably cut-rate Hollywood bio-pic.

Human Highway:
Nuclear comedy with Neil Young, Dennis Hopper and Devo.

I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle:
UK horror-comedy starring Neil Morrissey.

Director Robert Kramer's subversive 16mm mosiac of armed urban rebellion.

Les Idoles:
Pierre Clementi and Bulle Ogier in a French musical-satire of pop idol superstardom.

Laurence Oliver, Jacqueline Bisset and David Janssen in Sun Myung Moon's infamous Korean War fiasco.

The Incredible Professor Zovek:
René Cardona Sr.'s deranged mix of madmen, monsters and a Mexican superhero.

International Guerillas:
A Salman Rushdie-loathing, Pakistani action-comedy-musical.

In the Beach House [Casotto]:
Jodie Foster in a strange and sexy Italian seaside comedy.

In the Fall of '55
Eden Cried
Tom Pace stars in the fascinatingly atrocious tragic teen-romance.

I Saw Jesus Die:
A Danish dose of Biblical porn! Yes, it's a triple-X Jesus Christ flick!

Island of Death:
Directed by Niko Mastorakis.

I Start Counting:
Psychological thriller starring teenaged Jenny Agutter.

It Happened In Hollywood:
Screw Magazine's 35mm porno epic.

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman:
Superhero-musical with Lesley Ann Warren, Loretta Swit and Kenneth Mars.

I Want To Go Home:
Adolph Green and Gerard Depardieu star in Alain Resnais' numbing fiasco.

Je T'Aime, Je T'Aime:
Director Alain Resnais' dazzling time-travel puzzle.

Joe Pyne:
Highlights from '60s-television's most acerbic, right-wing talk-show host.

Johnny Cool:
A gritty Mob romp starring Henry Silva and Elizabeth Montgomery.

Just Be There:
Michael Montgomery and Lynn Baker in a returning-Vietnam-vet melodrama.

Keep Off My Grass:
A hippie-satire misfire with The Monkees' Micky Dolenz, directed by Shelley Berman.

Kid Blue:
Counterculture western comedy starring Dennis Hopper, Peter Boyle and Warren Oates.

Jean Seberg, Stephen Boyd and James Mason in a loopy, anti-drug crime-thriller.

The Killing Kind:
Directed by Curtis Harrington, and starring John Savage.

Kings and Desperate Men:
Canadian thriller starring Patrick McGoohan and Alexis Kanner.

Kitten With a Whip:
'Bad Girl' gem starring Ann-Margret.

Kona Coast:
Richard Boone searches for a psycho in Hawaii.

The Kremlin Letter:
Patrick O'Neal and Richard Boone in John Huston's Cold War spy drama.

Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains:
Diane Lane, Laura Dern and Ray Winstone in the cult teen-punk-band saga.

Lady Poison:
Japanese sexploitation and murder.

A Last Cry for Help:
Linda Purl stars in a made-for-TV tale of teen depression and suicide.

The Last Days of Planet Earth:
Nostradamus meets Toho!

Last Frankenstein:
Japanese mindfuck from director Takeshi Kawamura.

The Last Run:
George C. Scott and Tony Musante star in a hardboiled, high-octane Euro-noir.

Laughter in the Dark:
Nicol Williamson and Anna Karina in an adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's novel.

Light Years Away:
Alain Tanner's haunting drama starring Trevor Howard and Mick Ford.

The Liquidator:
A James Bond super-spy parody starring Rod Taylor as a reluctant assassin.

Lisa, Bright and Dark:
Made-for-TV teen mental illness melodrama starring Kay Lenz and John Forsythe.

Hugo Haas' multiple-personality potboiler starring Eleanor Parker and Richard Boone.

The Lollipop Cover:
Two-bit boxer Don Gordon befriends an abandoned little girl while on the road.

The Long Island Cannibal Massacre:
Another Nathan Schiff no-budget epic.

The Long Island Four:
Lance Loud and Klaus Nomi in the Nazi-saboteur underground epic.

Lovedolls Superstar:
David Markey's underground music-stardom satire.

Love God:
Will Keenan stars in Frank Grow's surreal monster-comedy-romance.

Lovely But Deadly:
Karate-chopping high school girl Lucinda Dooling battles drug dealers.

LSD: Flesh of the Devil:
Eurotrash spy hijinx starring Guy Madison.

Off-the-wall Brazilian surrealism from director Joachim Pedro de Andrade.

Director Norman Mailer's experimental mix of politics, sex and celebrity.

The Maltese Bippy:
Rowan & Martin theatrical dopiness.

The Man to Kill [Covjek Koga Treba Ubiti]:
Director Veljko Bulajic's
surreal historical fable.

The Man With the Power:
Persis Khambetta and Vic Morrow in a failed sci-fi TV-pilot.

Marijuana once again turns good kids into addicts!

Mary's Incredible Dream:
Mary Tyler Moore's hilariously-misguided, made-for-TV musical-extravaganza.

Meet the Hollowheads:
Sci-fi silliness starring John Glover and Juliette Lewis.

The Milky Life:
Mickey Rooney straps on a diaper!

Mister Freedom:
Bizarre political satire from director William Klein.

Mr. India:
An epic, super-hero musical by Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth).

Mr. Superinvisible:
Dean Jones and Gastone Moschin in director Antonio Margheriti's action-comedy.

Monaco Forever:
With Jean-Claude Van Damme as "Gay Karate Guy."

Mondo Candido:
A sexual-psychedelic vision from directors Gualtiero Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi.

The Monitors:
Guy Stockwell and Susan Oliver in a messy, Chicago-lensed sci-fi/satire.

The Moonshine War:
Patrick McGoohan and Alan Alda in Elmore Leonard's Prohibition-era hillbilly drama.

The Moving Finger:
Barry Newman and Lionel Stander in a Beatnik crime-drama.

Murder a la Mod:
William Finley in Brian De Palma's avant-garde feature debut.

The Murder of Fred Hampton:
A powerful Black Panther documentary.

Mustang: The House That Joe Built:
A '70s visit to Nevada's infamous Mustang Ranch.

My Best Friend's Birthday:
Quentin Tarantino's first, unfinished film.

The Naked Ape:
Victoria Principal in a misguided adaptation of Desmond Morris' '70s bestseller.

Anna Gaël and Gillian Hills in Mac Ahlberg's groovy, sexy Émile Zola adaptation.

Directed by that sicko Jorg Buttgereit.

Nick Zedd: Steal This Video:
Shit. Pure shit.

Nico: An Underground Experience:
A 1983 concert video.

Night Flowers:
Gabriel Walsh in a New Jersey Vietnam-vet psychodrama.

The Night of a Thousand Cats:
Hugo Stiglitz and his killer kittens.

Night of the Juggler:
James Brolin searches the sleaziest niches of NYC for his kidnapped daughter.

Night of the Lepus:
Stuart Whitman battles Giant Killer Bunnies on the rampage!

Night of the Quarter Moon:
Trashy misegenation drama with Julie London and John Drew Barrymore.

The Night That Dracula Saved The World:
Judd Hirsch stars in a 1979 Halloween TV-special.

Night Tide:
Dennis Hopper stars in Curtis Harrington's eerie horror outing.

No More Excuses:
Director Robert Downey Sr.'s loopy underground oddity.

Glen Campbell and Joe Namath in a mind-numbingly misguided road movie.

No Secrets:
Excruciatingly-inept espionage comedy with Oliver Reed and Peter Cushing.

Nothing Lasts Forever:
Tom Schiller's surreal fantasy-comedy-romance, with Bill Murray.

Not My Daughter:
An innocent teenage girl falls prey to late-60s sex, drugs and dirty hippies.

Not My Kid:
Reagan-era anti-drug TV-movie starring George Segal and Stockard Channing.

No Way Home:
Tim Roth and James Russo star in Buddy Giovinazzo's gritty drama.

Of Freaks and Men:
Alexei Balabanov's brilliantly strange and fetishistic Russian period-drama.

Michael Verhoeven's raw and controversial vision of Vietnam War rape and murder.

Old Faithful:
Yellowstone National Park TV-special featuring Zero Mostel and Joey Heatherton.

Once Upon a Girl...:
An X-rated cartoon loosely adapted from Mother Goose.

Once Upon a Spy:
Ted Danson saves the world from Christopher Lee in this sci-fi telefilm.

The Other Side of Madness [The Helter Skelter Murders]:
Early. gritty Charlie Manson-based tale.

Outside In:
Heather Menzies falls for a whiny draft dodger in Allen Baron's Vietnam-era drama.

Oversexed Rug-
suckers From Mars
'Nuff said.

Oz [a.k.a. 20th Century Oz]:
A sexy, Australian, rock 'n' roll update of The Wizard of Oz.

Panama Red:
Drug-smuggling drama from director Robert Chinn.

The Passover Plot:
Zalman King stars in director Michael Campus' controversial interpretation of the life and death of Jesus.

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special:
With Paul Lynde, Tim Conway, Florence Henderson, and KISS!

The Phynx:
An astoundingly misguided rock 'n' roll, cameo-packed, espionage comedy.

Insanely-hallucinogenic hippie sexploitation courtesy of Bernie Hirschenson.

Pin Gods:
An ultra-obscure documentary on pro-bowling.

Pinocchio in Outer Space:
With the vocal stylings of Arnold Stang!

A Place Called Today:
Lana Wood and Cheri Caffaro in Don Schain's sleazy, urban-politics drama.

Planet Wars [Os Trapalhões na Guerra dos Planetas]:
No-budget Star Wars comedy from South America.

A Pleasure Doing Business:
Prostitution-comedy with Conrad Bain, John Byner and Misty Rowe.

Pony Girl:
Early Traci Lords fetish-fest.

Andrzej Zulawski psychodrama with Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill.

Pow! Hard Sex! [a.k.a. Detonation! Violent Games!]:
Japanese biker dementia.

The Private Lives of Adam and Eve:
With Mamie Van Doren, Mickey Rooney and Tuesday Weld.

Private Parts:
Wonderfully kinky thriller directed by Paul Bartel.

Private Property:
Corey Allen and Warren Oates star in Leslie Stevens' controversial thriller.

Psychedelicsex Kicks and Wild Hippie Orgy:
A no-budget, hippie-era sexploitation double-bill.

Pull My Daisy:
Jack Kerouac's Beat Generation classic.

Daniel Greene gets pumped up in a '80s health-club schlock-fest.

Red Light in the White House:
Karin Mary Shea in Paul Leder's tale of government sex and corruption.

Renaldo and Clara:
Bob Dylan's 4-hour messterpiece.

The Restless Ones:
Christploitation classic with Kim Darby and Billy Graham.

It's hippie-dippy documentary time. Groovy!

Eugene Ionesco's surreal play, starring Gene Wilder, Zero Mostel and Karen Black.

Right Hand of the Devil:
Bizarre low-budget LA crime film starring and directed by Aram Katcher.

Riot on 42nd St.:
Tim Kincaid's lovably-stupid grindhouse epic.

Riot on Sunset Strip:
Aldo Ray vs. those goddamn dirty hippies!

Ripa Hits the Skids:
Christian Lindblad's Finnish, slice-of-(low)life.

The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer:
A savage political satire starring Peter Cook.

The Roaring Fifties:
Director Peter Zedak's sprawling German satire of the rich and powerful.

Rock: It's Your Decision:
Christian propaganda about the evils of rock music.

Roger Corman's Frankenstein Unbound:
Starring John Hurt and Raul Julia.

A groovy 1968 TV-special with Ryan O'Neal, Jimmy Durante, Barbara Eden, and Cream.

The Rubber Gun:
Allan Moyle's experimental feature about drug-dealing Canadian junkies.

The Sandman:
Another steaming pile from J.R. Bookwalter.

Sandra, The Making of a Woman:
Gary Graver sexploition starring Monica Gayle.

Satan Hates You:
James Felix McKenney's hilariously-hellbent, Chick Publication-inspired horror tale.

Satan's Children:
A troubled teen falls prey to Satanism in this demented, Florida-lensed outing.

Andy Griffith and Sam Bottoms battle in a desert-survival made-for-TV movie.

Scream of Stone:
Werner Herzog's mountain-climbing drama with Donald Sutherland and Brad Dourif.

Scream of the Butterfly:
Sexy golddigger drama.

Screaming Mimi:
Starring Anita Ekberg.

The Sea That Thinks:
A surreal mindblower from director Gert de Graaff.

The Secret Life of Plants:
Half-baked pseudo-science plant-documentary, with music by Stevie Wonder.

The Secret Night Caller:
Robert Reed stars as an obscene phone-caller in this controversial TV-movie.

Self Defense:
Tom Nardini defends his home from murderous, right-wing miscreants.

Sex in the Comics:
A raunchy, hilariously misguided, live-action tribute to Tijuana Bibles.

Sex Kittens Go To College:
Albert Zugsmith dreck with Mamie Van Doren and Tuesday Weld.

Misguided mess starring the painfully decrepit Mae West.

Shadows in the City:
Craig Smith stars in Ari Roussimoff's underground DIY epic.

Shelf Life:
Bomb shelter cult-comedy directed by Paul Bartel, with Jim Turner and O-Lan Jones.

Side By Side:
Terry-Thomas in Bruce Beresford's bizarre British musical-comedy.

The Single Girls:
Claudia Jennings in Ferd & Beverly Sebastian's sex-'n'-slasher romp.

Simone Griffeth goes rural in this '70s hickploitation romp.

The Ski Bum:
Self-absorbed Zalman King hits the Colorado slopes and romances Charlotte Rampling.

Jackie Gleason and Carol Channing in Otto Preminger's gangsters-'n'-LSD comedy.

Skip Tracer [a.k.a. Deadly Business]:
Twisted Canadian debt collector drama.

Slaves of Love:
Bizarre sex-flick from director Charles Nizet.

Small Kill:
Starring Gary Burghoff and Jason Miller.

An Italian businessman takes an odd and comical excursion throughout '60s Los Angeles.

Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky.

Tom Troupe stars in a low-budget, one-man Nikolai Gogol adaptation.

Sonic Boom:
Disaster-movie-satire short with Jonathan Winters, George Kennedy and Mark Harmon.

Son of Hitler:
A misguided comedy starring Bud Cort and Peter Cushing.

Spider Baby, Or The Maddest Story Ever Told:
Jack Hill's masterpiece, starring Sid Haig!

The Spirit of '76:
Time travel cult-comedy starring David Cassidy.

The Sporting Club:
Director Larry Peerce's caustic adaptation of Thomas McGuane's satirical novel.

The Squeeze:
Michael Apted crime-thriller starring Stacy Keach.

David Essex, Adam Faith and Keith Moon star in Michael Apted's rock 'n' roll drama.

Bill Bixby and Valerie Perrine in Bruce Jay Friedman's surreal stageplay.

Sticks and Bones:
Tom Aldredge and Cliff DeYoung star in Robert Downey Sr.'s adaptation of the David Rabe stageplay.

Stone Cold:
'90s bikerama starring Lance Henriksen and "The Boz."

The Stoolie:
Comedian Jackie Mason takes a misguided dramatic turn.

Stop Calling Me Baby!:
Jodie Foster stars in a French jailbait-drama.

The Story of Mankind:
Irwin Allen's all-star historical misfire, starring Vincent Price.

A Stranger in My Forest:
Mark IV Christsploitation-melodrama about a boy and his annoying pet bear.

Strangers in the City:
Gritty NYC Puerto Rican melodrama from writer-director Rick Carrier.

Street of Dreams:
Martin Sharp's documentary on the life of singer Tiny Tim.

The Subterraneans:
Atrocious Kerouac adaptation starring George Peppard.

Subway Riders:
Susan Tyrell and Robbie Coltrane in Amos Poe's underground feature.

Sugar Cookies:
Artsy, erotic, off-kilter psychodrama with Mary Woronov and Lynn Lowry.

Survival of Dana:
Melissa Sue Anderson, Robert Carradine and Judge Reinhold as TV-movie teen delinquents.

Sweet Saviour:
Troy Donahue stars as a murderous, Manson-wannabe hippie cult leader.

A sordid '60s melodrama starring Carroll Baker and George Maharis.

'60s drug-drama starring Alex Cord, Stella Stevens and Chuck Connors.

Take Me Naked:
More grindhouse fun from Michael & Roberta Findlay.

Tale of the Cock:
Twisted inspirational drama starring Don Murray and Linda Evans.

Talk of the Town:
Jaye P. Morgan's uncensored Las Vegas talk-show fiasco.

Tarzun And The Valley Of Lust and Tarz & Jane, Cheeta & Boy:
A pair of '70s erotic Tarzan rip-offs.

A nutjob filmmaker's latest project spins out of control.

The Telephone Book:
A kinky phone-fetish comedy starring Sarah Kennedy.

The Tender Warrior:
Dan Haggerty in a brain-numbing 1970s children's-matinee staple.

The Tenth Level:
William Shatner made-for-TV movie based on Stanley Milgram's experiments.

Johnny Hallyday, Karen Allen and Jürgen Prochnow in a bizarre sci-fi/action dystopia.

Terri's Revenge and Perverted Passion:
An early '70s porno duet!

Test of Faith:
A Christian college student battles the evils of Evolution.

French dementia starring Michel Piccoli.

A Thief in the Night /
A Distant Thunder /
Image of the Beast /
The Prodigal Planet:
It's a Mark IV Pictures Rapture-rama!

This is a Hijack:
Adam Roarke and Neville Brand in a quirky, high-flying crime thriller.

Curt McDowell's gothic-sex masterpiece, written and starring George Kuchar.

Time Slip:
Time-traveling adventure starring Sonny Chiba.

To Find a Man:
Knocked up NYC teenager Pamela Sue Martin seeks help from a lovesick friend.

Tomorrow I'll Scald Myself With Tea:
A bizarre Czech time-travel comedy...with Nazis!

Tonight For Sure:
An early nudie pic from Francis Ford Coppola.

Top of the Heap:
Christopher St. John's fantasy vision of the pissed-off male psyche.

Jim Mitchum searches for a teenage runaway.

Hilarious documentary on STAR TREK loser-fanatics.

Tropical Snow:
Madeleine Stowe and David Carradine in Ciro Durán's drug-smuggling drama.

The Troublemaker:
Tom Aldredge and Buck Henry in Theodore J. Flicker's NYC cult comedy.

The True Story of Lynn Stuart:
1950s housewife Betsy Palmer
goes undercover to stop
drug kingpin Jack Lord.

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out:
Timothy Leary's pro-L.S.D. documentary.

Jodorowsky's justifiably-obscure elephant epic.

Two Before Zero:
Basil Rathbone teaches naive Mary Murphy about the Communist menace.

The Twonky:
Arch Oboler's anti-television sci-fi comedy starring Hans Conried.

The Tyrant King:
Three kids embark on a trippy mystery-adventure across London.

The Ultimate Degenerate:
Another depravity-fest from Michael & Roberta Findlay.

The Unknown Man of Shandigor:
Daniel Emilfork and Serge Gainsbourg in a stylish espionage adventure.

The Unpublicizable File and The Untold Story:
A Hong Kong Culinary Combo.

Kees Brusse stars in a scathing Dutch satire of the wealthy and reprehensible.

Violation of the Bitch:
Directed by Jose Larraz.

Viva Knievel!:
Starring Evel Knievel and loads of embarrassed co-stars.

Voyage of the Rock Aliens:
Starring Pia Zadora and Jermaine Jackson.

Wacky Taxi:
John Astin in a warmhearted, family-themed fiasco.

Stacy Keach and Harris Yulin in a counterculture tale of cops, drugs and revenge.

The Wave:
High school teacher Bruce Davison turns his students into mob psychology guinea pigs.

Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees:
Directed by David Blair.

Way Out:
A crazy, streetwise portrait of South Bronx dope fiends.

Wedding Trough [Vase De Noces]:
Directed by Thierry Zéno.

The Werewolf of Woodstock:
TV-movie abomination with Michael Parks.

Whatever Happened to Mason Reese?:
Director Brett Ratner's early short film.

When You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?:
Marjoe Gortner in Mark Medoff's roadside diner psychodrama.

Who Are You Polly Maggoo?:
William Klein's scathing fashion-world comedy.

Whispers From Space:
A scathing documentary about self-proclaimed UFO 'expert' Gray Barker.

Wild in the Sky:
Brandon De Wilde stars in a counterculture comedy about a hijacked B-52 bomber.

Winter Soldier:
A powerful documentary that exposes the horrors of the Vietnam war.

Work Is A Four Letter Word:
David Warner in Peter Hall's trippy-mushroom comedy.

World on a Wire [Welt am Draht]:
Rainer Werner Fassbinder's epic, made-for-German-TV sci-fi mystery.

The World's Greatest Sinner:
Starring and directed by the legendary Timothy Carey.

The Year of the Sex Olympics:
Nigel Kneale's prescient sci-fi drama, co-staring Brian Cox.

Young Americans:
Hilariously-cheesy show choir documentary featuring "The New Joy-Generation!"

Youth Terror: The View From Behind the Gun and Lefty - Erinnerung an Einen Toten in Brooklyn [Lefty: Memories of a Dead One in Brooklyn]:
A pair of hard-hitting, NYC-based, 1978 documentaries.

Zan, King of the Jungle:
Steve Hawkes stars in a cut-rate Tarzan knock-off.

The Zebra Killer:
Austin Stoker stars in director William Girdler's urban thriller.